Cara + Jon’s Destination Engagement Session – Salt Flats, Utah

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May 24, 2017

We’re sharing a peek at Cara + Jonathan’s surreal Destination Engagement Session today and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t giddy to finally get these shots posted!

When I first met Cara and her Mom at a consult, they asked about the possibility of doing an underwater engagement session. I’m not going to lie – I have zero experience with underwater photography so I suggested they attempt that shoot while on their honeymoon. Instead, I threw out the idea of doing a Destination Engagement Session, and gave them a list of some places that I’ve personally been dying to photograph. With some minor convincing of Jon on Cara’s part, they choose the stark white Bonneville Salt Flats located just outside of Salt Lake City. Within a couple weeks our bags were packed, flights were booked, and we were off!

Then, the rain came. And I mean it poured. It rained every day in SLC and the Salt Flats leading up to the day of the shoot. In fact, it was still raining the entire time we were driving out to the location, about 90 minutes west of SLC. To our amazement, the rain stopped right as we turned the corner to the Salt Flats, and the skies turned into a blue color I swear I’ve never seen. We all just stood there for a little bit completely in awe. I know its hard to believe, but these photos aren’t photoshopped – in fact most of them are shot on film. The onslaught of rain from the days before left about 4-6 inches of standing water across the entire area, naturally creating the mirror effect. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got the film scans back and looked at the raw digital files – I’m convinced we actually found heaven. We brought our drone along for the ride as well to get a wide aerial view of the location, too.

I love that Cara + Jon embraced the elements and kept such a positive attitude the whole time. They stood in cold water on rock hard salt for about 3 hours. At the end of the shoot their poor feet were so raw we had to bring their boots out to them because they literally could not take another step (thanks again for being troupers, guys!). We had a complete blast nonetheless and popped champagne to celebrate a successful shoot!

I’m honored to have given Cara + Jon photos they’ll hold onto the rest of their lives, and thankful that they trusted me enough to travel to a random, remote destination that most people have never heard of to get some truly epic shots!

If you’re interested in a Destination Engagement Session – lets chat! Our bags our packed, and we have a long list of awesome locations that we can’t wait to capture!

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