When I'm not shooting weddings, you can find me and my husband of seven years, Sam, exploring local events with our daughter or trying out the latest restaurants on a date night -- a Tempranillo for me and an Old Fashioned for him. We both consider ourselves foodies, though I prefer the tasting while he prefers the cooking. We're constantly seeking out new adventures and new experiences, even if it's just in this wonderful city of Dallas that we call home.

Sam and I met through a mutual friend (thanks, Lindsey!) and immediately connected over a love of travel, design and philanthropy. All great relationships start with a connection, and I believe the one you have with your photographer should be no different. After all, we’ll be spending a majority of one of the most significant days of your life together. So browse around to get to know me, and please feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever. 

About Courtney


Fleeting moments are meant to be captured

Some things I believe...

beautifully and unobtrusively

The world should be seen with our own eyes

Some things I believe...

every last corner of it

sundays are for brunch

Some things I believe...

crab cake benedict with a mimosa, please.

never goes
 out of style

Some things I believe...

particularly black & white photos

passport in-hand

Courtney & her team travel world-wide for clients.

My love for photography began as a child. My family traveled extensively growing up so I had the privilege of documenting many gorgeous landscapes and busy street scenes. My photos became scrappy souvenirs and, upon returning home, I'd mount each photo in an album making meticulous notes about that day's adventures. My passion for photography continued to grow throughout high school and college and I'd spend hours in the dark room developing film and printing my art. While at school, an 'Intro to Advertising' class touched on the use of lifestyle imagery in advertising and I found my niche - the perfect marriage of creative-meets-business. I received a B.A. in Communication Advertising and began my career working in some of Dallas' most well-known ad agencies. As the resident 'girl with camera', a friend asked if I'd be interested in shooting her wedding. I, of course, said 'yes!' and when the wedding day came, I was on cloud 9. I found what my advertising career had been missing - authentic moments. The traditions, family dynamics, curated details and true emotions - all never to be recreated - gave me life, and I felt truly humbled to be relied upon to capture the day. I knew I had found my purpose and set off to make a full-time career in photography a reality. 

Fast forward to today, I'm honored to say I have the privilege of bringing my client's wedding stories to life as a full-time wedding and portrait photographer. For me, this is the career I was always supposed to have and as such I pursue it with passion and dedication. Despite shooting over 100 weddings I continue to hone my craft, attending industry conferences such as WPPI and HybridCo yearly, in addition to numerous workshops hosted by leaders in the wedding photography field. I'm a consummate student for the benefit of my clients - who deserve nothing but the very best.

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