“I knew I loved you at ‘kaboom'”.

Mike & Sarah joke that they got married so they could date, as many who are or have been enlisted probably understand. 10 years after they first said ‘I do’ at a court house in Killeen, TX, they finally got the wedding they deserved – white dress and all!

Dec 29, 2016


A black lace dress, ancient volcanic rock, and moss covered lava fields – it’d be hard to argue this shoot was anything but epic.

Nov 28, 2016


This shoot is what dreams are made of. A beautiful soft pink gown, rugged wild landscape, glacial blue water, and did you see the horn goblets?! Oh yeah, and it was in Iceland. No big deal. This styled shoot was pulled together by the epically talented team as part of the ‘Come Alive’ photography workshop in […]

Oct 25, 2016